Services Provided:

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Pavement Design
  • Civil Design
  • Construction Services

Client: Douglas County Public Works

Location:  Douglas County, Nevada


ESE provided Geotechnical Investigation, Pavement Design, Civil Design and Construction Inspection on various projects for Douglas County Public Works. Projects included Waterloo Lane, Toler Avenue, Jacks Valley Road, Buckeye Road, Centerville Lane, Dresslerville Road & Mottsville Lane for a total of approximately 97,000 linear feet. ESE performed both test pits and borings for the projects. The test pits were utilized to obtain adequate sample size for ESE and University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) testing while the borings were used to classify the subsurface soils and identify the thickness of existing asphalt concrete and base material.  ESE provided the following services for the projects: site investigation, traffic control, and laboratory testing. We also obtained and provided samples of the existing asphalt concrete to UNR for additional testing to be performed by UNR students. ESE shared the test results and collaborated with UNR during the analysis portion of the report preparation to develop appropriate construction recommendations for each roadway. A final report was prepared to document field observations, existing asphalt concrete thickness, laboratory test data, soil classification and recommend potential construction strategies. ESE provided a structural section for each viable construction strategy utilizing the AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures.

Civil design services were provided for Waterloo Lane. The project consisted of the rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of Waterloo Lane from Centerville Lane to US Highway 395 (approximately 3,300 feet). Rehabilitation and/or reconstruction included removal and replacement of the roadway pavement structural section, sidewalk, curb and gutter removal replacement, and correction of localized drainage deficiencies. Reconstruction of existing handicapped ramps was required for ADA compliant access, and reconstruction of driveways was also required. ESE provided bidding assistance and contract administration during construction as well as construction inspection and materials testing.

ESE provided construction administration, inspection and materials testing for the Buckeye Road Reconstruction project. The Buckeye Road portion of this project consisted of the reconstruction of Buckeye Road from Heybourne Road to approximately 900 feet east of Orbit Way (approximately 11,300 feet). Reconstruction included the pulverization of the existing asphalt concrete and base material, removal of excess material, cement treatment of remaining pulverized material (6 inches) and pave with 5 inches asphalt concrete.