• Truckee Railyard
    Truckee Railyard
  • Truckee Artist Housing Rendering
    Truckee Artist Housing Rendering

Services Provided:

  • Civil Engineering Design
    • Roadway Design
    • Roundabout Design
    • Site Design
    • Hydrology and Hydraulics
    • Utility Infrastructure
    • UPRR Utility Bore
  • UPRR Utility License Agreements
  • Utility Coordination
    • Sewer, Water, Telephone, Cable TV
    • Underground Electric
      • 12 kV Distribution
      • 14.4 kV Distribution
      • 60 kV Transmission
      • Convert Exist. Services to Underground

Eastern Sierra Engineering (ESE) is currently under contract to provide professional design services to Holliday Development for the Truckee Railyard Project. The Railyard Project will redevelop approximately fifty acres of land historically occupied by the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the lumber mill. The development will create an eastern extension of Downtown Truckee including residential, retail, movie theatre, and restaurants. A diverse team of engineers, planners, and architects have been assembled to make this project a reality. ESE is the civil engineering firm responsible for the utility and roadway infrastructure design of this multi-phased project.

The preliminary design included coordination with the developer, architects and the Town of Truckee (Town) to complete the Railyard Master Plan. Preliminary design work for roadways and utilities was necessary to coordinate this multi-phase project. Adequate parking and snow storage for the development was analyzed to ensure adequate facilities were provided.  Preliminary design of the sewer and water facilities concluded a new connection to East River Street for both sewer and water was required for build-out, although, the connection would not be required for the first phase of the project. ESE has submitted a Tentative Map and received Artist Lofts development application approval.

Prior to Phase 1, UPRR facilities will be relocated, including a portion of the UPRR balloon track, the siding tracks and the operations building.  The UPRR operations building must be operational before demolition of the existing UPRR building and subsequent construction of the Phase 1.  ESE designed the utility infrastructure and access road to the new UPRR operations building.  In addition to utility infrastructure and access road plans, we have coordinated and obtained sixteen license agreements between the utility companies and UPRR for utilities crossing the balloon track.  A sewer and water connection to East River Street is required in the future underneath the relocated siding tracks and UPRR mainline.  Since it is more cost effective to install a new bore prior to relocating the siding tracks, ESE designed a bore crossing for two water lines and a gravity sewer line connection to East River Street.  This required coordination between the utilities and UPRR to obtain the necessary license agreements with UPRR.

The first phase of the development is anticipated to be designed and constructed in 2017. This phase includes constructing the two western-most blocks of the development, reconfiguring Donner Pass Road, constructing a roundabout at Church Street and Donner Pass Road, installing utility infrastructure, and constructing an infiltration basin. The proposed storm drain system conforms to the Town’s hydrology and hydraulics requirements and meets the Town’s Phase II Small MS4 General Permit requirements for source control, storm water treatment, and baseline hydromodification. Phase 1 consists of wide pedestrian zones, on and off-street parking, bicycle lanes, and narrow traffic lanes that continue the character and feel of historic downtown Truckee, as described in the Master Plan. Aesthetic features include street furniture, lighting, gathering areas, landscape planters and paver sidewalks. Infrastructure improvements include grading, utilities, drainage, water quality improvements, roadway corridor, curb and gutter, signing, striping, construction staging, roundabout design, ADA design, and erosion control.

The proposed utility infrastructure design includes Electric (TDPUD, NV Energy & Liberty Utilities), Sewer (Truckee Sewer District), Communications (AT&T and Suddenlink), Water (TDPUD), Storm Drain (Town), and Gas (Southwest Gas). In addition, two existing overhead electric distribution lines and an existing overhead 60kV transmission line will be installed underground to allow for building construction and to meet Master Plan requirements. Existing overhead services to residences and businesses on Church Street and Donner Pass Road will be converted to underground services. ESE is coordinating wireline agreements for TDPUD and Liberty Utilities with UPRR. Engineering plans and specifications will be provided for this phase of construction.

ESE is contracted to continue providing engineering services for subsequent phases of the Railyard. Anticipated design will include roadway connection to Glenshire with upwards of 10 blocks of mixed use urban development, and associated underground utilities.